June 17, 2013

It is quite a special thing to be in the presence of new life – you find yourself constantly smiling, captivated by their every move, and by the

overwhelming aura that emanates from them.

I am currently complementing my wedding photography with family photo shoots – prints, digital files and fine art albums are all available options.

Please email me at if you would like some more information about my services.

Samuel-001 Samuel-002 Samuel-003 Samuel-004 Samuel-005 Samuel-006 Samuel-007 Samuel-008 Samuel-009 Samuel-010 Samuel-011 Samuel-012 Samuel-013 Samuel-014 Samuel-015 Samuel-016 Samuel-017

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  1. Polly Gibson says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos Leo.. Really captivating the LOVE..

  2. leofarrell says:

    Thanks, Polly!

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