Lumière Foto Box

July 24, 2013

I am really excited to launch a new product line today.  I have been collaborating with local designer, maker and painter, Carey Potter. The

results are these beautiful and unique Lumière Foto Boxes you see below, featuring images from Anitra and Ben’s lovely wedding. They are

individually hand made and painted in the style that only Carey can.


Carey’s unique colour palate for these boxes include ‘Smokers Teeth, Petrel Blue-Grey and Italian Orange’.  The beauty of these Foto Boxes is that

besides a way of uniquely displaying your favourite image, they are a piece of art themselves.

Light-Boxes-02 Light-Boxes-03 Light-Boxes-04 Light-Boxes-05 Light-Boxes-06 Light-Boxes-07 Light-Boxes-08 Light-Boxes-09

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