Project Roam

July 22, 2013

I have been braving the wet Melbourne  weather in the name of art, specifically the Gertrude St Projections Festival.  The rain put a slight dampener on the opening of the festival on Friday night, but there were still people out there enjoying the occasion.  I captured a few images of the Project Roam crew, born from creative team, Carrspace, who were using mini projectors attached to iPhones to randomly project their designs onto anything they could find.

Project-Roam-02 Project-Roam-03 Project-Roam-04 Project-Roam-05 Project-Roam-05a Project-Roam-06 Project-Roam-07 Project-Roam-08 Project-Roam-09 Project-Roam-10 Project-Roam-11 Project-Roam-12

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